About Anna

200777_10152034438670414_1929176219_nAnna is dually licensed to treat individuals, families and
couples and also can treat addiction issues.

She has been practicing in her fields for 13 years. She has
been happily married for over twenty five years and is the mother to
two adult children.

Anna has both professional and personal experience with the
complexities of marriage and family life. She will help you to create
individualized innovative solutions to your problems.

Anna is able to assist with Twelve Step education, relapse prevention, reading materials and assignments, reintegration support for positive employment experiences, referrals to spiritual or religious organizations, and alternative spiritual research and exploration.

Anna has years of experience working with people in recovery from all types of addiction issues and believes people approach recovery in their own way--what is good for one person, may not work for the next. She views recovery as an individual personal process for each person. As a Recovery Coach, she respects your perspective and integrity and will help you formulate specific recovery goals and coach you to meet these goals.

Anna has extensive experience with insurance and managed care companies and can assist you with obtaining payment for her services. Her office hours are 9AM to 8PM, Monday through Friday and you can reach her by phone or email.